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Welcome to ContemplativeFocusedPrayer.com! In this website you will learn about the power of Contemplative Focused Prayer, its benefits, and the research and studies behind this topic. The information on this website has been researched and developed by Dr. J. Mark Shadoan.

Dr. Shadoan has been a Christian counselor in private practice since 1983. He received his Master’s... (more info)

On the Resource page of this website you will have access to in-depth information about Contemplative Focused Prayer including audio and video interviews from patients.

If you have any questions for Mark about this method of praying or want him to speak at a conference or church, please visit the Contact page and he will respond to your questions.


What is Contemplative Focused Prayer?

» A means to learn how to “ Be Silent Before God”.
» A two way intimate spiritual connection
» A step by step process of intimate prayer.
» Prayer that suspends and goes beyond typical mental faculties.
» A ancient form of Christian prayer

A definition is as follows: a disciplined appropriation and enjoyment of God’s Spirit within us, which matures our sanctity, and grounds our identity, purpose and meaning in Christ as a unique channel for expressing His love to our external world.


What it is Not?

Eastern or New Age
» Just meditation, mindfulness or relaxation
» Self focused.


Why is CFP different from Eastern practices?

» The focus is on God, not on one’s self.
» It is union with the Holy Spirit

Eastern and New Age practices focus on the self. These practices teach that through one’s self a divine presence is discovered. CFP is focused on the Holy Spirit’s Divine Presence found in believers of Jesus Christ. This is the central difference between Christian contemplative prayer and all other forms of practices. In CFP, the self is found through intimate union with God. What is learned about the self is only a by product of what one learns and experiences with God through CFP. The purpose is to experience God, not to experience the self.

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